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Non-profit Volonterska is organized and maintained by volunteers in Kharkiv, Ukraine. Every day the group delivers food, medicine, medical care, animal care and other services directly to those in need.

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Our Story from Ukraine

Put yourself in our shoes. One day you’re working in a busy advertising agency in Ukraine worrying about deadlines. The next you’re worrying about your nation’s very existence. You haven’t changed. The world around you has. Now you have two options. The first is to freeze leave and find new life. The second is to keep on doing what you do best for the sake of supporting your homeland. We chose the second route because we believe in the power of art especially at war times. As creators we counteract destroyers. We know creativity can heal motivate inspire. Creativity shows beauty around us and the strength that shines from within. Creativity gives us hope and solace. And while the world looks on in horror we still need to create to remain useful to fortify our souls…

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