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Ukrainian Freelance Designers Portal

This site is designed to empower Ukrainian creators, offer you access to work, and provide an opportunity to support other Ukrainians.

  • Creators will receive exposure in a number of ways including a global push of press releases, industry networking sites and other outreach activities that promote
  • T-shirt designs featured and sold by will be linked to the artist’s bio.
  • All proceeds from t-shirt sales will be returned to, a non-profit organization delivering direct aid to the people of Ukraine, by the people of
  • An optional link from the featured t-shirt artwork to your Behance page or other URL will indicate you are seeking freelance work.
    • Only designers submitting t-shirt artwork will be linked to potential work; negotiating for and accepting any freelance work is entirely up to you.
    • Through the Hire Now section of this site, your availability will be promoted to a wider audience.
    • Freelance work is not guaranteed, but we’ll do our best to showcase your
      work as globally as possible.
Creators vs. Destroyers Concept T-shirt Brief
  • GET: Worldwide support for Ukrainian creatives and the larger humanitarian efforts underway in Ukraine.
  • FROM: Those around the world who know that winning means being Creative, not
    being Destructive.
  • ACTION: Be inspired, motivated, and actively supportive of Creators in Ukraine.
  • BY: Crafting specific images that empower the movement of Creators triumphing over Destroyers.

How Ukrainian freelance designers/graphic artists can participate:
  1. Download our shirt template. Designs should reflect the resilience and power of creativity over destruction.
  2. Submit a design for a Creators vs Destroyers t-shirt below.
  3. Complete the Contact Sheet for freelance work below if you are interested.
  4. Respond to freelance inquiries if and when they arrive.

T-shirt designs will be linked to the artist’s bio. A link to your Behance page or other URL will indicate you are seeking freelance work.

Why it works:

Individuals around the world want to help the people of Ukraine, but few know how to take meaningful action. Those who come to this site value creativity and ingenuity, and the freedom to earn a living through your talent. When your artistic expression and their design needs merge, the match is made. The site also gives you an opportunity to make a difference in healing Ukraine through your creativity.

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Слава Україні! GLORY TO UKRAINE!


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